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  • Return of the Stalking  Ninja Cat 02:08

    Return of the Stalking Ninja Cat

    モアレ モア*モアレ ネコ 猫 moire cat StalkingCat だるまさんが転んだ だるまさんが転んにゃ === === To make it clear Ladies and Gents This are not my cats ! I JUST MIXED EDITET THE VIDEOS TOGETHER !!! * ALL HATER COMMENTS WILL BE REMOVED * Hi to all animals loverz ! Like to thank you guys for your funny comments :) I just put the videos together they are not my cats . I think its not good to close animals in a small house becouse of our human behaver is not natural to the animals free spirit . comments i like lol FROM : sonicfurox2 1st cat: I want rum 2nd cat: plzzzz dont hurt me 3rd cat: omG, "I KILLED HIMMMMMMMMMM"! PTWookie Dont eat them?..., but the cat at 0:29 wants to eat "om nom nom nom" guys you *MADE* my day :))))) thnx ps. have a look at this vid : and this

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