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ノミ取り薬で駆除したノミを洗い流しましたー。 2匹とも大人しくすぐに洗い終わって、布団の中で くっ付いて可愛い〜〜。 ※顔が真っ白で筆みたいな尻尾なのが弟猫「けん」 顔に黒い模様があって尻尾が三毛なのが妹猫「玉」 視聴してくれてる方々: 2015年もありがとうございました。 2016年もよろしくお願いします。 The two kitties took their first bath! Ken: The white cat Tama: The cat with black dot After they took their bath, they slept together in the same blanket. They are soooo adorable! About this channel: I am mainly uploading funny and cute videos of my Japanese tabby cat Hiroshi. You can watch Hiroshi playing with toys, exploring the house and doing all kinds of cute things. Watch Hiroshi growing from a cute kitten into a little tiger. Hiroshi has a lot of kitty friends and you can meet them in my videos. If you like cats, please subscribe to my channel!


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  • French bulldog(canael-104,Illustration/vol.1) 00:26

    French bulldog(canael-104,Illustration/vol.1)


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